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AgroMax Raw Series

The AgroMax RAW Series pairs top-shelf Samsung LED Chips with a premium Meanwell driver to provide your garden with industry-leading blooming LED technology at a budget-friendly price. It’s one of the highest efficiency grow lights available. Built for use in any indoor growing environment, the fixture incorporates a unique conformal coating to protect the circuitry from water, humidity, dirt, and corrosion.

AgroMax Raw 550 3000K

AgroMax Raw 550 3000K Specifications Next-generation SMD LED technology Samsung LED LM301B chips with Meanwell drivers Larger coverage area and better light distribution 86,534 Lumen output 3000K Bloom Spectrum Conformal coating protects circuitry from moisture Aluminium heat sink to enhance cooling and improve durability Power- 240-500 Watts Voltage Range- 90-277 volts LED- Samsung LM301B Flowering …

AgroMax Raw 65 3000K & 4000K

AgroMax RAW 65 3000K & 4000K LED Grow Light Built for every garden, the all-new AgroMax RAW 65 leads the pack of high-performance, budget-friendly LED grow lights. Its Samsung LM301B LED chips and Meanwell driver produce an impressive 2.41 micromole/watt output, well suited for covering 1.5′ x 1.5′ of standard flowering space or up to …