Signature Series Master Controller

Signature Series Master Controller

The ADEMC-1 AgroMax Signature Series Master Controller provides central control of lighting settings for up to 100 grow lights with advanced control capabilities. Users can quickly and easily adjust a variety of settings including from the control module with the simple push-button interface of the control module. While most advanced DE systems such as the AgroMax Signature 1000w double ended grow light feature manual dimming controls, central control units such as the ADEMC-1 provide a much more manageable solution for adjusting settings for several lights.

The controller is configured with two channels (“Main” & “Auxillary”) and comes with the required temperature probes and com cables for both channels. Each channel can operate up to 50 lights and offers independent settings for on/off times, output percentage (dimming), and high-temperature shutdown allowing controls to be configured for separate grow room use if needed. All settings are clearly visible on the LCD display along with current temperature and humidity readings. In addition to lighting settings, the ADEMC-1 also provides temperature-based auxiliary controls for alarms and additional devices.

ADEMC-1 AgroMax Signature Series Master Controller

Adjust on/off cycles, output settings (dimming), and automatic high-temperature shutdown for up to 100 lights with the ADEMC-1 AgroMax Signature Series Master Controller. Plug-and-play setup provides quick and easy installation while the user-friendly push-button interface makes adjustments simple. Check conditions and make adjustments including sunrise/sunset environmental simulation on the fly with two-channel control that allows independent settings for different rooms!


ADEMC-1 control module
9′ RJ9 cable – x2
22′ temperature/humidity probe – x2
10′ auxiliary cable – x4
Operator instructions

Specs & Features:

Controls up to 100 Signature Series fixtures
2-channel control – max 50 lights ea.
On/off cycle timer – 00:00:00
Power output (dimming) – 115%-50% continuous
Sunrise/sunset environmental simulator 1-120 min.
High-temperature shutdown
Auxiliary output