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HTG Supply has all of the seed starting supplies you need to germinate seeds and begin your next grow! We also carry a wide variety of supplies and cloning systems for cloning plants to preserve the genetics of your favorite mother plant.

55 Site Floating Seed Starter

55 Site Floating Seed Starter

Great for starting seeds and clones, includes a standard flat and a reusable Styrofoam insert.


25 & 55 PACK Made of peat moss, Seed Starter Plugs are perfect for seed starting or taking clones /cuttings. Super easy to use Seed Starter Plugs come with pre-made planting holes and hold the optimum air-to-water ratio. Seed Starter Plugs allow for roots to grow directly into and out of the plug. They are …


SINGLE FLAT Warms the rooting area to improve germination and rooting. This mat is ideal for 1 common seed flat. Measures exactly 83⁄4” x 21″ Increases success of seedlings and cuttings Warms root area 10-20°F over ambient temperature to improve germination Waterproof construction 6 foot power cord


FITS STANDARD FLAT AgroMax Humidity Domes are made of durable clear plastic and feature two separate sites on top for optional ventilation control. These domes stand seven inches tall and fit any standard-sized nursery flat. Measures 7.25″ x 12.25″ x 22″