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Commercial Germicidal and Disinfecting Lights

AgroMax is a leader in clinical and institutional lighting. Our lighting options provide safety, efficiency and performance. Our germicidal lighting can be found in healthcare facilities, hospitals, schools & daycares, law enforcement building and vehicles. Equipment and tools used in applications for germicidal lighting are UL tested to meet safety and performance guidelines. Protect your …

HID Grow Lamps

High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights provide a cost-efficient light source for the growing and cultivation of hydroponic marijuana. HID grow lights are considerably cheaper than LED lights, and whilst less effective overall, still represent a tried and tested option for many growers. Two types of HID grow lights can be used for indoor marijuana …

LED Grow Lights

As LED grow lights just keep getting better it is clear LEDs are the future of indoor gardening. Here at AgroMax we are on the cutting edge of LED development, from the LED chips to the cooling systems every part needs to work well the rest of the unit. Years of LED research & development …



AgroMax T5 Horticultural Lamps are the premier brand of High Output T5 Fluorescent lamps on the market today! With almost 10 years in the marketplace, the AgroMax T5 Lamps have earned a reputation for reliability, performance and value that is unmatched by any other brand today. Made specifically for growing plants, the AgroMax T5 Lamps …

Silverback Super XL Green Grow Tent


The AgroMax line of Grow Tents were designed by gardeners with lots of features and Heavy Duty components. Featuring a thick light proof canvas, easy access panels, study steel frame, light proof doors and now with easy view windows! It is easy to see why the AgroMax Grow Tents are preferred by growers.

AgroMax Signature 1000w Double Ended Grow Light


Digital grow light ballasts are used with high intensity grow lights to convert the conventional electricity that comes out of your outlets into the correct voltage to power up and operate your High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Grow Lights. Another purpose of the grow light ballast is for heat control. Having a standalone ballast …



For many home gardeners, without a hydroponic water filtration system, the quality and ph of water is wholly determined by the quality of water that comes from city services or wells. One of the best ways to keep your hydroponic system water clean is to use a reverse osmosis hydroponic water filter system.



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