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Agromax 14x28x10 Grow House

Agromax 14x28x10 Grow House

The AgroMax 14×28 Grow House

Agromax 14x28x10 Grow House AgroMax Grow-House 14×28 Instructions

AgroMax Grow House grow tents are LARGE AND IN CHARGE! The AgroMax Grow House is taking grow tents to the next level – super tall, super large and designed for commercial scale usage! Measuring an impressive 14′ wide x 28′ long and 10′ tall the AgroMax Grow House allows for the use of the very popular Double Ended (DE) lighting fixtures and has plenty of head room to grow some very large plants! 8 double doors spaced out on each side of the Grow House grow tent allows to total access to your the plants inside. An EZ View window on each door allows to quick check-ins to easily inspect your plants before you open the door.

An impressive SIXTEEN 12″ dual closing vent ports allows for multiple ventilation and air circulation options. The Heavy Duty 630D mylar lined ballistic nylon skin and professional grade zippers keep the Grow House grow tent light proof will last a lifetime of use. A thick steel pole frame and corners provide commercial grade strength and the ability to hang lights, carbon filters and fans with ease and confidence. The included Double Floor liners keep spills contained for easy clean up.

The AgroMax Grow House 14’x28′ grow tent is just massive and actually tall enough to run a 1000w Double Ended Grow Light! This grow tent is an excellent choice for growers looking to set up a large sealed growing space. Sealed grow tents all you to create a micro-environment and precisely control temperature and humidity levels and photoperiod. Everyone knows a sealed environment plays a large roll in yield and overall quality of fruits. Light proof construction prevents “light leaks” that can cause problems for your plants during their “dark” photoperiod for proper growth and flowering.

392 square feet is a lot of room, making it easy to accommodate all types of hydroponics systems or dozens of grow containers filled with organic soil or coco grow medium. In fact this grow tent will fit 4’x8′ ID Flood Tables running down each side allowing for a total of 6 – 4’x8′ Flood Tables and a 4′ wide walk way down the middle. The AgroMax Grow House features doors upon doors to ensure that every inch of the tent is accessible. This unit is custom built for us, with extra features not found from other tent suppliers.

The genius of the AgroMax Grow House is that you are able to “dial in” the exact parameters for maximum plant growth in a controlled environment and simply repeat that over and over again with other AgroMax Grow Tents. This completely scaleable system allows commercial growers to expand quickly and easily knowing that the microenvironment they create can be replicated in each new tent.

AgroMax 14×28 Grow Tent Features & Specs:

  • Measures exactly: 168″ wide x 336″ deep x 120″ tall
  • Super Strong Commercial Grade Steel Frame
  • Heavy-Duty Light-Proof Black 630D Ballistic Nylon Outer Skin
  • Professional Grade Zippers for easy opening
  • Shiny Silver Ultra-Reflective “MYLAR” Lined Interior for superior light reflectivity and dispersal
  • 8 Double Doors with EZ Windows for complete access to plants
  • 16 Switchable 12″ Vent Adjustable Ports
  • Removable Water-Proof Double floor contains spills/water within tent
  • Easy to understand set-up instructions (we also have video instructions on the web, see below!)
  • Completely scaleable – dial one in and expand your grow quickly and easily with successive identical set ups!
  • AgroMax grow tent manufacturer’s warranty: 30-day full coverage for workmanship and material defects.