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The AgroMax 3×3 Grow Tent (Original)

The 41.5”x 41.5”x 79” Grow Tent is the perfect medium sized, portable grow space. This Grow Tent allows one to create a micro-environment and precisely control temperature and humidity levels and photo-period. Light proof construction does not allow for “light leaks” that can cause problems for your plants during their “dark” photo-period for proper growth and flowering. Over 10 square feet is plenty of room to accommodate Hydroponic Tables, DWC systems, Ebb and Gro systems, multiple soil containers and a multitude of lighting configurations. Featuring light proof doors with Easy View Window! You can check on your plants with out disturbing the environment inside the tent. Windows also seal shut so no need to worry about light leaks. Heavy duty construction and full of custom features AgroMax grow tents are preferred by growers.

Super Sturdy Steel Frame (Thicker Poles Than Most)

Measures 41.5″ wide x 41.5″ deep x 79″ tall

Heavy-Duty Light-Proof Black Ballistic Nylon “Skin”

Shiny Silver Ultra-Reflective “MYLAR” Lined Interior for superior light reflectivity and dispersal

Two Large Access Panels on the sides allowing access on three sides

Five Switchable 6″ or 8″ Vent Ports with Covers attached with Velcro

Two 4″ Vent Ports attached with Velcro

Integrated Vent Flap with VELCRO seals for proper ventilation and light proofing.

Removable Water-Proof Double floor contains spills/water within tent

Easy to understand set-up instructions (instructions also available on the web, see below!)

Now With EZ View Window

Original Grow Tent Set-Up Instructions