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Silverback XL Green Grow Tent

Silverback XL Green Grow Tent

Silverback XL Instructions

Featuring upgraded construction from top to bottom and loaded with premium features, the all-new AgroMax Silverback grow tents are redefining quality and value in the indoor grow tent industry. Larger and taller than a standard 4×8 grow tent, the Silverback XL model offers over 38 sq. ft. of growing space with extra-high ceilings to allow bigger growth and bigger yields. This tent size is ideal for use with a pair of higher wattage 600w / 1000w HID systems, multiple larger model LED grow lights, or a pair of 4′ T5 grow lights. Silverback grow tents also provide greater flexibility for grow room ventilation with vent ports capable of accommodating a wide range of ducting configurations for 4-10″ inline fan and carbon air filter systems. Get more grow room for your money with AgroMax Silverback green grow tents, the biggest, toughest, and best grow tents on the market!

The AgroMax Silverback XL green grow tent is also available as a complete grow tent setup fully equipped with grow lights, ventilation, hydroponic system or organic soil, and everything else needed to get growing right away.

The Silverback Super XL Green Grow Tent Edge

Rule your grow with Silverback grow tents by AgroMax – the biggest, toughest line of grow tents in the land. Tipping the scales with a heavy-gauge all-steel frame, reinforced corners, and an extra-thick 2000d ballistic nylon weave shell, Silverback grow tents provide the ultimate rugged & well-insulated stronghold for your personal jungle. And unlike other brands, with standard ultra-high 7’11” ceilings, there are no “extensions” needed here.

Designed for the true alpha grower down to the finest detail, Silverback tents dominate the grow tent arena with big-league features like EZ View windows for quick inspections, 10″ wide-adjustment vent ports & removable micro-mesh lower vents for better versatility, a proprietary AgroMax DiamondPress reflective interior for superior light distribution, and a million-dollar-green skin with custom zippers for some extra swagg. If you’re ready to reign supreme over your garden, grow with AgroMax Silverback—the grow tents built for horticultural conquest!


Measures: 96″ Width x 57″ Depth x 95″ Height (301 cu. ft.)
(10) 4-10″ vent ports
(2) Lower vents w/ removable covers & micro-mesh screen
(4) Easyview windows
(4) Cord ports
Extra-thick 2000D ballistic nylon shell
Heavy-gauge, all-steel frame
Spill-proof removable floor liner
AgroMax DiamondPress reflective mylar interior