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The AgroMax High Pressure Sodium Lamps were designed to get the most plant growth per watt consumed. These High Output HPS Lamps produce a spectrum that is specifically for plant growth with an additional 30% more “blue” spectrum over the typical HPS. More “blue” spectrum means the bulb has a more complete light spectrum equating into better/more plant growth. The AgroMax 1000w HPS Bulb was truly designed to grow bigger, better plants.


UNIVERSAL POSITION – operates in any position including horizontal

One Year Warranty

AgroMax 1000 Watt High-Pressure Sodium Bulb

1000w = 150,000 lumens

AgroMax 150 Watt HPS Bulb with Medium Base

150w = 16,000 lumens

AgroMax 150w HPS Bulb with Mogul Base

150w = 16,000 lumens

AgroMax 250w HPS Bulb

250w = 35,000 lumens

AgroMax 400w HPS Grow Bulb

400w = 55,000 lumens

AgroMax 600w HPS Bulb

600w = 95,000 lumens

AgroMax Reflectorized 400 Watt HPS Bulb

400w = 55,000 lumens