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This bulb is perfect for growing plants during the vegetative stage. It’s bright white light spectrum facilitates rapid, green plant growth! Growers worldwide agree that growing with Metal Halide during the vegetative stage, then switching to High Pressure Sodium for flowering is the way to grow the BEST PLANTS POSSIBLE. This method give you the thickest, most lush plant and the best yields!


UNIVERSAL POSITION – operates in any position including horizontal

One Year Warranty

1000 Watt Metal Halide Conversion Bulb

1000w – 100,500 lumens

250 Watt Metal Halide Conversion Bulb

250w – 20,500 lumens

400w Metal Halide Conversion Bulb

400w – 38,000 lumens

600w Metal Halide Conversion Lamp

600w – 66,000 lumens