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AgroMax OTD LED Grow Light

AgroMax OTD LED Grow Light

AgroMax OTD LED grow lights are breaking new ground in the growing industry with cutting-edge optimized thermal displacement (OTD) LED’s. All-new OTD LED technology provides more light with less wattage through advanced thermal management design. One of the best seed starting, cloning, or early veg lights on the market, the AgroMax OTD 84 LED provides a balanced full spectrum and outstanding growth capabilities with 60% greater efficiency vs. comparable T5 grow light fixtures.* Also great for growing smaller plants full term, AgroMax OTD 84 fixtures feature a thinner streamlined profile and improved light distribution uniformity, making them a better fit for tight growing spaces than similar LED grow lights.

* Comparison based on wattage draw vs. the 2′ TEK 2 grow light

Features & Specifications:

  • Power draw: 44 watts, .37 amps @ 120v AC
  • Balanced full spectrum: 660nm, 610nm, 460nm, & 6500K
  • Efficiency: Avg. 2.8 PPFD/watt
  • Coverage: Up to 2′ x 3′ @ 12″-18″ above
  • Measures: 19.5″ x 10″ x 1.33″
  • Ultra-efficient optimized thermal displacement (OTD) chip technology
  • 60% less energy consumption vs. comparable fluorescent lights
  • Extremely low heat vs. other LED fixtures
  • Extended chip lifespan vs. conventional LED grow lights
  • 2 year warranty