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AgroMax RAW 270 4000K LED

AgroMax RAW 270 4000K LED Grow Light

The all-new AgroMax RAW 270 4000K leads the pack of high-performance full-spectrum LED grow lights. Its Samsung LM301B LED chips and Meanwell driver produce an impressive 2.5 micromole/watt output more than capable of supporting 4′ x 4′ of growth space or 3′ x 3′ of blooming coverage. Designed with a sturdy aluminum heat sink and dust/water-resistant conformal coating the AgroMax RAW is also well equipped to withstand conditions in the cultivation environment. These features make the AgroMax RAW 270 an efficient and effective LED lighting solution for high-value crop applications.

RAW Efficiency

The AgroMax RAW 270 is designed from the ground up to maximize the power of Samsung LED chips and Meanwell driver. With an incredible PPFD of 2.5 umol/watt, the RAW 270 delivers more light per watt making it one of the most efficient grow lights available.

RAW Durability

To protect the panel’s circuitry, a thin polymer layer is applied to seal electric connections. This feature ensures that dirt, dust, water, and corrosion don’t damage your fixture. Replacing an LED fixture can be expensive, and a conformal coating protects against accidental water damage.

RAW Spectrum – 4000K

The AgroMax RAW 4000K spectrum provides refined full-spectrum light, ensuring your plants get the energy they need for flowering growth and development. This refined lighting formula mimics the natural spectrum of the sun to provide an ideal light source for full-cycle growth. The RAW 270 4000K is powered by select-bin Samsung LM301B chips, engineered for their powerful white light and high reliability.

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  • Next-generation SMD LED technology
  • Samsung LED LM301B chips with Meanwell driver
  • Ultra-efficient 2.5 micromoles (μmol) per watt
  • 48,060 lumen output
  • 4000K full spectrum
  • Dimmable control
  • Conformal coating
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • 3-year warranty
  • Specs List:

  • Power: 270w
  • Voltage: 90 VAC – 264 VAC
  • LED: (120) Samsung LM301B Chips
  • Veg Footprint: up to 4′ x 4′
  • Flower Footprint: up to 3′ x 3′
  • PPFD Efficiency: 2.5 micromoles (μmol) per watt
  • Total Output: 670 micromoles (μmol /PPF)
  • Dimensions: 22″ x 20″ x 2.25″
  • Recommended mounting height: 18-22 inches