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The Octa720 comes equipped with the AgroMax “PAR-Pro” LED bars, the PAR-Pro bars provide an outstanding growing spectrum that plants will love. The PAR-Pro LED bars by AgroMax provide total blue and red spectrum coverage for incredible PAR readings and explosive plant growth.

Working with growers across the country AgroMax has been able to integrate the advances in LED technology with the demands of indoor growers to create an effective, easy to use and affordable LED grow light, the Octa720. Above all else, growers need a light that delivers high yields, the Octa720 LED grow light delivers with high PAR and ppfd values and plant specific lighting spectrums.

The Octa720 is versatile and customizable. The LED bars on the Octa720 can be rotated up to 30°, allowing growers to set specific light patterns. Additionally, the bars themselves can be changed to any compatible AgroMax SOLO LED light bar which allows for more specific spectrums to be used.

The 4′ long AgroMax LED bars provide powerful lighting results, while the advanced aluminum heat sink technology keeps the LED chips operating at optimum temperatures for maximum efficiency without the need for extra cooling equipment. The AgroMax Octa720 LED grow lights provide powerful horticultural lighting results at much lower temperatures than HID or Fluorescent lighting systems.


720 Watts of LED Growing Power.
240 Powerful and Efficient 3-Watt Chips encased within Phosphor-Coated lenses for a broad and full spectrum.
Adjustable light bars allows customizable light spread to your needs!
No Fans are needed here! Cool operation leads to low heat and a long life.
Replaceable light bars for customizing spectrums – compatible with AgroMax Solo light bars.