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The AgroMax Patriot LED grow light is the culmination of high quality parts and intelligent design. While LEDs are one of the most efficient light sources in the world it can be tough to achieve the results gardeners are looking for. This is no longer an issue, the AgroMax Patriot LED’s intelligent design disperses the LED chips evenly throughout the fixture. This not only gives an incredibly even spread which can be seen in the below graph but it gives the plants light from many angles. The AgroMax Patriot LED grow light has 256 pieces of 3-watt LED chips, each powering growth in the garden with the lighting spectrums that plants love. With a total wattage draw of over 420 watts and a huge 2’x4′ light source, the AgroMax Patriot provides nourishing light over a huge area.

Large amounts of light from many angles allows for deeper canopy penetration, resulting in bigger and more robust/developed fruits. Shading is a problem faced by many LED growers using traditional fixtures where many LED chips are crammed into a small space. This traditional LED grow light design is great in theory but bad in practice. In many of the LED grow lights on the market today, the LED chips get can get very hot and need to be cooled with fans. When LED chips get too hot they do not run at their optimal output nor do they live up to their expected life span. The AgroMax Patriot does not need any fans due to the LED chips being properly spaced out on precisely engineered aluminum heat sinks. The design of the AgroMax Patriot keeps the LED chips within optimal temperatures to achieve maximum efficiency.

Many factors play a role in efficiency, some of which is getting the correct angle or spread on each diode. LEDs can be configured to be a very directional beam or very wide spread. The key is to dial in the chip spread to perfectly spread the light the right amount by the time it gets to the plants. Too much spread and the light is bouncing around everywhere. Too little spread and the fixture needs to be an excessive distance away from the plants. The AgroMax Patriot LED chips are dialed in to give maximum spread possible within the desired distance of 2′-3′ without losing efficiency.

Well-placed LED chips and properly configured chip spread are great . . . but the magic happens when an optimal spectrum is reached. Selecting certain nanometer LED chips and arranging them in a configured pattern to ensure the different light spectrums are well blended by the time they reach the plant creating the perfect growing spectrum. The AgroMax Patriot is an expertly designed fixture that will outperform traditional LED grow lights.