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AgroMax 6400K LED TEK Bulb

AgroMax 6400K LED TEK Bulb

AgroMax has taken one of our favorite T5 grow lights, the TEK series, and made it even better with the newest in LED technology!

If you’ve been shopping with HTG for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve got one of our HTG Supply TEK fixtures somewhere. The all-new TEK led bulb runs up to 60% brighter than standard fluorescent bulbs and lasts more than twice as long. Breathe new life into your light with the newest in LED tech, the LED TEK Lamp!

AgroMax LED TEK Lamps are built with a heat sink to extend the useful life of the LED chips. This sink serves a dual purpose, it dissipates heat generated from the LEDs and protects the LED panel from damage. In addition, a super-clear plastic protective shell locks in the LED chips, helping to prevent damage from accidental spills. Just take out your old fluorescent bulbs, plug in the new LED TEK, and see the difference yourself!

Compatible with FT55, F-55, PL-L55, and TEK T5 fixtures
Four-pin ANSI 2G11 base
6400K full-spectrum lighting
Input power: 40 watts
50,000 hour lifespan