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BIAX F55T5 Grow Bulb – 6400k

The DAYLIGHT SPECTRUM 6500 Kelvin Bulbs produce nutritious blue light for aggressive plant growth. 6500K “blue” light provides the correct spectrum for compact, lush plant growth. 6500K “blue” light stimulates photosynthesis and increases vegetative growth. It also decreases internode length (the spacing between branches) producing compact, bushy plants.

Product Details:

  • Nominal Length = 20.7″
  • 5,000 lumen output per bulb
  • 2G11 four pin base
  • 20,000 hour life expectancy
  • For use with all PLL 55 watt Compact T5 BIAX Fixtures


    Can also be used in retail lighting fixtures! Perfect Ultra-Daylight spectrum provides a “designer” type spectrum for product displays etc.