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BIAX F55T5 Pure PAR Bulb

PURE PAR High Output Fluorescent Grow Lamps are the most advanced fluorescent lamps on the market today for plant growth! With a highly specialized lighting spectrum output, engineered to the exact wavelengths associated with plant growth by using a highly specialized phosphorescent coating. The Pure PAR bulb is the first high output T5 bulb specifically engineered for plant growth, producing a light that plants love, but the color of this bulb may seem strange to users. The Pure PAR bulb produces a unique “purple” color that matches the lighting spectrums widely known to produce maximum plant growth. What this means is that there is virtually no wasted lumen output or energy use making for an ultra efficient source of light specifically designed for plant growth! Photosynthetically Active Radiation or “PAR” is comprised of lighting wavelengths between 400-700 nanometers (“nm”). There are some great studies out there that suggest PAR is actually a deceptive measurement, as 400-700nm is a very wide range of light, in fact, it includes nearly every wavelength of visible light. It is known that plants primarily use only a small portion of the visible light spectrum; primarily the Red and Blue spectrums, or 420-470nm (blue) and 620-670nm (red). By observing the spectral graph provided with most grow lamps, it can be seen that much of the output of nearly every MH and HPS lamp is outside of the blue and red spectrums, this is “wasted light” as far as plants are concerned. The Pure PAR bulb eliminates the wasted light and the final result is a bulb that is really pure plant nourishment, no extra green or white light, just Pure Energy for plant growth.

Product Details:

  • Nominal Length = 20.7″
  • 5,000 lumen output per bulb
  • 2G11 four pin base
  • 20,000 hour life expectancy
  • For use with all PLL 55 watt Compact T5 BIAX Fixtures


    Can also be used in retail lighting fixtures! Perfect Ultra-Daylight spectrum provides a “designer” type spectrum for product displays etc.