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AgroMax T5 Bloom LED Light Bulb


AgroMax Bloom LED Light Bulb

Upgrade your T5 grow lights with higher-efficiency, longer-lasting AgroMax T5 LED bulbs to boost growing power and save money! With full-spectrum white chips and supplemental reds, this lamp is designed to boost the blooming potential of your flowers and plants. AgroMax 4′ T5 LED bulbs are a direct-fit, plug-and-play replacement for any 4’ T5 lamp (F54T5HO) and are quick, easy and safe to use. Simply install into the sockets just like any ordinary T5 lamp – no need to change the ballast or make any fixture modifications. These incredibly efficient T5 LED’s, run cooler than fluorescent T5’s, and use only 41 watts per lamp (compared to 54w per 4’ T5 fluorescent lamp). Their unique design provides a perfectly uniform light spread with 4,600 lumens of high PAR value plant-satisfying light, with an increase in red light for flowering. Built-in aluminum heat sinks optimize LED operation while also extending service time with a 50,000+ hour extended lifespan to reduce waste. Upgrade your T5 fixture with the power and efficiency of LED’s now in one easy step with AgroMax T5 LED bulbs!

The AgroMax T5 LED bulb is the ideal solution for growers who want the advantages of LED lighting but have or prefer to use T5 lighting fixtures. Requires a T5 light fixture for use – provides effective lighting for the full growth cycle and especially ideal for blooming growth. AgroMax LED T5 are mercury-free and environmentally friendly.

*Requires a T5 light compatible fixture for use”

AgroMax Bloom T5 LED Bulb Features & Specs

  • Measures exactly: 45.75″ Long, 0.625″ Diameter (T5)
  • Electrical: 41 watts – .34amp @ 120v (ea.)
  • 4,600 lumens
  • 160 high-efficiency chips
  • Spectrum: 3500K + 660nm Red
  • Low heat – 20% less than fluorescent F54T5
  • 50,000+ hour lifespan
  • Mercury-free and 100% recyclable
  • Shatterproof construction
  • 1-year warranty