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T5 UV-A Plus Flowering Bulbs

AgroMax Brand T5 Horticultural Lamps are the premier brand of High Output T5 Fluorescent bulbs on the market today! With almost 10 years in the marketplace, the AgroMax T5 Bulbs have earned a reputation for reliability, performance and value that is unmatched by any other brand today. Made specifically for growing plants, the AgroMax T5 Bulbs are tailored for your plants exact needs. There are many different spectrums to choose from depending on your particular garden and the developmental stage of your plant growth.

UV-A Plus FLOWERING: To be used as a supplemental lighting source for any HID lighting system including HPS. The UV-A Plus spectrum is primarily 10,000K with an added UV-A spectrum which is deficient in all HID systems especially HPS. It is believed that without the presence of the UV-A spectrum that plants can never reach their full potential as UV-A is present in Sunlight but deficient in common indoor grow light sources.

Spectrum: 10,000K

4 ft. Lamp Technical Info:

  • Fits all 4 ft. High Output T5 Fixtures
  • F54T5HO Lamp Type
  • 54 watts Per Lamp
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Actual Bulb Length is 45 3/4″. Bulbs will not fit T8 or T12 Fluorescent Fixtures