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Pure Bloom T5 High Output Grow Lamp

Pure BLOOM T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Lamps by AgroMax provides Pure flowering light energy. AgroMax has engineered a lamp that provides nourishing Red Light wavelengths associated with the flowering / blooming state of plant growth by using a highly specialized phosphorescent coating.

Pure BLOOM T5 lamps concentrate over 90% of their lighting energy in the lighting wavelength range between 600nm and 700nm, with the peak energy at 655-670nm range. The Pure BLOOM T5 lamp will operate in all High Output F54T5HO Fluorescent grow light systems.

Uses: -Supplemental Boost of RED light wavelengths in grow areas.

AgroMax Pure BLOOM T5 lamps will help boost your plant’s response within the Phytochrome system, as this system is the most “red light” sensitive. Combined with photoperiod changes, these can be the most important changes necessary for maximizing blooming / flowering for plants.