PURE 200 Reverse Osmosis / Deionizer System

Another amazing HTG Supply product! Better than other RO (reverse osmosis) systems as ours includes not only a carbon filter and membrane filter but also a Deionizer filter that brings the ppm of the water all the way down to ZERO! This is PURE WATER, this is the PURE 200 from This system comes with a 60-120psi booster pump already built on, so no matter what your water pressure is you will get your full 200 gallons per day at an amazing 2:1 water ratio, saving over 30% on water consumption.Water is the most important part of your fertilizer regime and is also the most overlooked.

Most growers assume that since their water is safe to drink that it is good for plants. This is not always the case. While your water may be healthy/safe for human consumption, the mineral content may be much too high to properly grow plants. Most are all familiar with the presence of Chlorine in our water supplies. There may even be the nasty presence of Chloramine (Chlorine bound to ammonia) in our water too. Both Chlorine and Chloramine kills any micro-biological activity and this will adversely affect your plants if not addressed.

Using organic nutrients or biological stimulants will be effectively suppressed because of Chlorine and Chloramine. Dissolved magnesium (mg) and calcium (ca) can cause nutrient lock-up when used with hydroponic fertilizers. Although magnesium and calcium are micro-nutrients plants need to grow, they are only needed in very small and precise amounts. When water with dissolved mg and ca is used with hydroponic fertilizers you end up with too much mg and ca and nutrient lock-up occurs causing poor plant growth. The same goes for iron, manganese, lead, zinc and copper.Dare we even mention the presence of fecal coliform, bacteria, herbicides and pesticide phosphates and nitrates that may be present in the water you are giving your prized plants!

Starting with PURE water at 0ppm allows for precise dosage and control of plant nutrients allowing you to grow the best plants possible. It also ensures a clean, non-contaminated final product from your plants.

The Pure 200 produces 200 gallons per day at a 2:1 Ratio system ( 2 parts waste water to 1 part purified).