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AgroMax F54T5HO UVC Lamp

AgroMax has created innovative and powerful UV-C lamps that can be utilized without the need for specialized lighting fixtures. AgroMax has implemented a “safety first” attitude when it comes to UV-C lights offering an Ozone Free bulb. Our lamps are able to provide UV-C light in the 254nm range. This is the range that has shown the best results when UV-C light is applied for anti-microbial and viricidal use.

With a multitude of practical usages the AgroMax UV-C lamps (available in 2ft and 4ft) can be used in both continuous preventative applications as well as cleaning and disinfecting regimens. The AgroMax UV-C lamp can be used with most standard T5 ballasted lighting fixtures. The AgroMax UV-C lamp benefits by its being backward compatible and ability to be used in single and multiple bulb fixtures. Accommodating custom applications with different sizes as well as scalable intensity and irradiance can provide desired results in any setting.

UL test agromax uvc lamp

AgroMax UV-C Germicidal & Viricidal Lamp

AgroMax UV-C UL Test-254nm data graph
There are many applications for the AgroMax T5 UV-C lamps. The tested ranges of output that the AgroMax UV-C lamps was able to achieve, allows for use as both as a component and a stand alone disinfectant and purifier.

The flexibility of use and ease of application make the AgroMax UV-C lamps customizable for any setting that wants to sanitize PPE or disinfect surfaces and rooms.

In addition to FFR and other PPE sanitation for reuse, the AgroMax UV-C lamps can be a safe addition for surface disinfection and sanitation. Always remember to use UV-C lights and treatments in unoccupied rooms and space. The UV-C single lamp options give you the ability to focus on smaller areas to sanitize like vehicles, RV’s, first responder trucks and cars.

For more common uses and additional research that’s being done by government agencies and educational institutions. Read the links below:

American Chemical Society Public Health Emergency Collection-Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Does Not Damage or Impede Performance of N95 Masks Upon Multiple Uses

Global Health: Science and Practice-Mask Reuse in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Creating an Inexpensive and Scalable Ultraviolet System for Filtering Facepiece Respirator Decontamination

University of Nebraska School of Medicine-N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Process for Decontamination and Reuse


Center for Disease Control CDC-Basic Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Guidelines for Healthcare Settings

AgroMax understands the value of safety and more importantly performance reliability. We have had our UV-C bulbs UL Performance tested and verified to insure we meet the performance you expect from a tool from AgroMax. We have provided you with the results of our tests to give consumers the transparency and trust. Our UV-C bulbs are intended to be used in accordance with all CDC, NEMA, and ALA safety protocol and guidelines.

UL Verified Evaluation & Test Results
UL1598 Evaluation ReportUL 1598 Annex L Evaluation Report

UL 1 inch Irradiance Test- AgroMax UV-C UL Verified Performance Test-1

UL 12 inch Irradiance Test- AgroMax UV-C UL Verified Performance Test-2

UL 24 inch Irradiance Test- AgroMax UV-C UL Verified Performance Test-3

ATTENTION: When using Ultra violet light follow the safety guidelines and practices set by the regulatory commissions that govern your occupation and area. Always use UV-C in an unoccupied area or room. Use eye protection when handling or working around the illuminated UV-C lamps. Avoid over exposure to skin. These high output UV-C spectrum lamps are designed to produce zero Ozone so they can be used without requiring ventilation.