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Commercial Germicidal and Disinfecting Lights

AgroMax is a leader in clinical and institutional lighting. Our lighting options provide safety, efficiency and performance. Our germicidal lighting can be found in healthcare facilities, hospitals, schools & daycares, law enforcement building and vehicles.

Equipment and tools used in applications for germicidal lighting are UL tested to meet safety and performance guidelines. Protect your personnel and equipment. Treat high traffic areas with a discreet and effective defense against mold, viruses and bacteria.

The market has recently been flooded with low cost lighting fixtures claiming to be “UV” or “UV-C” lighting sources. AgroMax recognizes the need for users to be confident in the validity and performance of the UV-C lighting sources they are choosing. Because of this, AgroMax has taken the crucial step in having the lamps independently tested. The AgroMax lamps have been fully performance tested and verified by Underwriters Laboratories – UL – and carry the UL Verified Mark. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an organization that has over 100 years of experience helping companies demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, enhance sustainability, deliver quality and performance, and more. If a product is UL certified, it means it has undergone an extensive and rigorous set of testing confirming its safety, quality and reliability. Not all products are created equal, but it can seem that way to users, especially considering how many mixed messages appear on packaging nowadays. AgroMax stands out from the crowd. By our marketing and specification claims validated with a UL Verified Mark, users can trust that our UV-C lamps will deliver performance as promised.

ATTENTION: When using Ultra violet light follow the safety guidelines and practices set by the regulatory commissions that govern your occupation and area. Always use UV-C in an unoccupied area or room. Use eye protection when handling or working around the illuminated UV-C lamps. Avoid over exposure to skin. These high output UV-C spectrum lamps are designed to produce zero Ozone so they can be used without requiring ventilation.

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AgroMax F54T5HO UVC Lamp

AgroMax has created innovative and powerful UV-C lamps that can be utilized without the need for specialized lighting fixtures. AgroMax has implemented a “safety first” attitude when it comes to UV-C lights offering an Ozone Free bulb. Our lamps are able to provide UV-C light in the 254nm range. This is the range that has …

UVC Germicidal and Virucidal Applications

Common Applications For General Use UV-C Disinfection UV-C Light for Air Purification Current UVC luminaires focus on the 254nm-265nm UV- C spectrum range. This is the range that is commonly used for anti-microbial and disinfectant applications. Ultra-violet lights irradiated energy effects nucleic acids in bacteria and viruses by causing mutations and damage that inhibit replication …