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UVC Germicidal and Virucidal Applications

Common Applications For General Use UV-C Disinfection

UV-C Light for Air Purification
Current UVC luminaires focus on the 254nm-265nm UV- C spectrum range. This is the range that is commonly used for anti-microbial and disinfectant applications. Ultra-violet lights irradiated energy effects nucleic acids in bacteria and viruses by causing mutations and damage that inhibit replication and growth, in turn resulting in high percentage bacteria and virus mortality. Microorganisms, viruses, mold and mildews all have differing reactions to UV-C energy. Identifying the morphology and the specific dosage needed to neutralize and eradicate the desired microbes will depend on many factors.

Custom UV-C Light Chambers For PPE Disinfection
Recent events have shown the world the need for PPE (personal protective equipment). Demand for face masks, shields and other protective equipment, has surpassed the supply of the available stocks for many healthcare and frontline workers. Identifying method’s to disinfect and reuse many of these essential pieces of equipment in a safe and cost effective manner will help in the immediate future to offset demand. UV-C light enables us to disinfect our urgently needed PPE in a safe familiar method that can be installed anywhere. The custom options that are available with UV-C T5 luminaires means the safe treatment methods to reuse PPE can be set up and achieved in every space.

Room and Area UV-C Light Disinfection Methods
Common air purification methods that use UVC luminaires require the proper formulation of distance, intensity and time. Specific placement of Ultraviolet room and area air purification units are governed by the dimensions of the space. UV-C light treatment has shown results when used to disinfect upper –room air (when ceiling height allows) but is also frequently used in HVAC ducts and other room air cleaners.

Modular ready to use UV-C light can be added and used in: Vehicles, storage containers, Ambulances, Healthcare facilities, Law enforcement buildings, common areas, and other high traffics environments

ATTENTION: When using Ultra violet light follow the safety guidelines and practices set by the regulatory commissions that govern your occupation and area. Always use UV-C in an unoccupied area or room. Use eye protection when handling or working around the illuminated UV-C lamps. Avoid over exposure to skin. These high output UV-C spectrum lamps are designed to produce zero Ozone so they can be used without requiring ventilation.